In 2015, the United Nations established 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to secure a sustainable life on earth for everyone now and in the future. The 12th SDG – Responsible Consumption and Production - is to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns. 

UN officials have estimated that by 2050 the world population will reach 9.8 billion and if the current consumption rate of developed countries continues, the human race will then require “three Earths” for self-sustenance. These projections highlight that the current production and consumption patterns cannot be sustained for a balanced advancement of economic prosperity, environmental sustainability and social inclusiveness.

Sustainable procurement is no longer a nice-to-have direction for companies.  In 2017, a new ISO 20400:2017 Sustainable Procurement Guidance standard was also released to provide guidance on implementing sustainable procurement. The global consumer marketplace increasingly not only looks for companies acting responsibly in their own management and operations, but has extended attention and consideration to supply chain partners. 

Green Council is inviting companies to participate in our Sustainable Procurement Charter as a means to develop, document and implement Sustainable Procurement with reference to ISO20400.

The Charter framework guides companies to establish, document and implement Sustainable Procurement in three different levels according to the availability of organizational resources. In joining the Charter, your company is committed to implement the tasks below:

Green Council will assess to measure and recognize the level of achievements:

Level 1 (Established):  No assessment is required.
Level 2 (Mature): Completion on Level 1 and 2 activities.
Level 3 (Leading): Completion on Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 activities.

Our Charter Members

Thank you to all the organizations that have committed to working towards as role model for sustainable procurement with reference to ISO20400.



• Baguio Green Group Limited

• The Bank of East Asia, Limited

• Chung Tai Printing (China) Company Limited

• CLP Power Hong Kong Limited

• D&G Technology Holding Company Limited

• HKT Limited

• Hong Kong Baptist University

• The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited

• The Hong Kong Electric Co., Ltd.

• Kerry Properties Limited

• MTR Corporation Limited

• New World Development Company Limited

• Ocean Park Corporation

• PCCW Limited
Thank you to all the organizations that have committed to working forwards sustainable procurement with reference to ISO20400.

• Allied Environmental Consultants Limited 


• Crown Gas Stoves (Holdings) Company Limited

• Dairy Farm


• Inax Technology Limited

• JCDecaux Transport

• Lap Energy Hong Kong Limited

• Pro-Tech Technology (Asia) Ltd.

• Regal Hotels International Limited

• Sunlight (1977) Holdings Limited

• Swire Properties Limited

 Ms Phyllis Ng
Chief Executive Officer
Baguio Green Group Limited

Relationships between suppliers and customers play a key role in building financial and economic value, and most importantly, in the promotion of social and environmental best practice. Thank you to Green Council’s unfaltering efforts in promotion and education on green procurement, more and more Hong Kong companies exhibited their commitment in sustainable development, and Sustainable Procurement Charter represents another milestone of sustainable development in Hong Kong. Baguio has been an advocate in promoting a better and greener business community and it is our honor to be one of the founding members of the Charter. Congratulations to Green Council and I wish the Charter in every success.

Mr. Ernie Suek Ka Lun

Chung Tai Printing (China) Limited

Chung Tai Printing (China) Limited, is most honored to be a founding member of Green Council’s Sustainable Procurement Charter. I wish this Charter every success as this Charter plays a crucial role in promoting sustainability practices and instigation of positive environmental changes in our commercial and economic landscape. Chung Tai Printing (China) Limited have long been implementing sustainability practices. We are aware that being “Environmentally Friendly” is not a burden but a positive and necessary responsibility of every business enterprise, which is why I heartily congratulate Green Council on this great endeavor and will strive our utmost to promote sustainable supply chain in our business arena.

Mr. T K Chiang
Managing Director
CLP Power Hong Kong Ltd.

At no time has making sustainable procurement ever been more important.  I have the honour to represent CLP Power to be one of the founding members of the Sustainable Procurement Charter which highlights the importance and achievement of the development of sustainable procurement. The Charter is a big step forward in advocating collaborations among Hong Kong companies to contribute to sustainable development along with business development.  It has been and will always be CLP Power’s core corporate value in pursuing sustainable development and striking a balance between the social, economic and environmental needs of the communities we serve. Congratulations to Green Council and I wish this Charter every success.

Ms Glendy Choi
D&G Technology Holding Co. Ltd.

Congratulations to Green Council for the launch of Sustainable Procurement Charter. This is a milestone for the development of sustainable procurement among business community.  D&G Technology is committed in the pursue of practicing sustainable procurement and it is our great honor to be one of the founding members of the Charter. I believe the Charter will become an important collaboration platform for entities to share their best practices and experiences and become a contributive member of the society in promoting the implementation of sustainable procurement.  I wish the Charter every success in the future.

Mr. Andy S.C. Lee
Vice-President (Administration) and Secretary
Hong Kong Baptist University


To realise the shared mission of sustainable development, collaboration among different parties is essential. At Hong Kong Baptist University, sustainability has been internalised in our policies, operations and administration, contributing to our progress towards social, environmental and financial excellence.  The Sustainable Procurement Charter facilitates the transition to a better world by creating lasting change through combined purchasing power.  By signing the Charter, we commit to exercising a positive influence on the world, shaping norms, habits and manners by being an exemplar in making smart procurement decisions.  Congratulations to Green Council on this initiative!  I wish you continued success in fostering the cooperation and partnership of the community to advance sustainability.

Mr. C. T. Wan
Managing Director
The Hongkong Electric Co., Ltd.

Congratulations to Green Council for launching the Sustainable Procurement Charter.  It is of great honour for HK Electric to be one of the founding members of the Charter.

As one of Hong Kong's major public utilities, HK Electric has an important role to play in supporting Hong Kong to face up to the challenge of climate change.  In doing so, we must all shoulder our responsibilities to protect the environment and ensure the well-being of our future generations.  While powering Hong Kong’s economic growth with our safe, reliable and affordable electricity, we are committed to ensuring sustainability in our procurement processes. We shall work together with the industry and our business partners to promote higher standards in ethical, human and labour rights, health and safety, and environmental practices.

Professor Frederick Ma Si-hang
MTR Corporation Ltd.

Sustainability requires collective efforts and synergies may be created through collaboration between companies throughout the supply chain.  The Green Council’s Sustainable Procurement Charter is a significant step in bringing forward this alliance.  MTR Corporation has been a staunch supporter to sustainability in the supply chain, and is honoured to be a founding signatory of the Charter.  We look forward to working closely with our business partners and the Green Council in driving a sustainable supply chain.

Mr. Frankie Hau
Risk & Environmental Management Director
Ocean Park Corporation

One of the strongest trends worldwide over the past decade is the rise in environmental awareness. As a responsible corporate citizen, Ocean Park is constantly exploring new ways to enhance the sustainable development of our business, our community and our beautiful planet. Our commitment to conserving valuable resources extends to our food and beverage services through the practice of offering only sustainable sourced seafood in our menus. Ocean Park is delighted to become a member of Sustainable Procurement Charter and will constantly look for ways to become a greener theme park as we continue to grow.

Ms Susanna Hui
Executive Director and Group Chief Financial Officer, PCCW
Executive Director and Group Managing Director, HKT

With growing awareness of and demand for environmentally and socially responsible products, sustainability becomes a guiding influence for corporates in this ever-changing world. The launch of the Sustainable Procurement Charter indeed signifies a remarkable step towards sustainable development in Hong Kong. PCCW and HKT are committed to integrating corporate social responsibility principles throughout the supply chain. We are honored to be founding members of the Charter and we believe that not only corporates but also supply chain partners play a pivotal role in achieving sustainable development together. With the concerted effort from different parties, may this Charter mark a propitious beginning of sustainable procurement and bring a vibrant future for our community.

Ms Ellie Tang
Head of Sustainability,
New World Development Company Limited


Every purchasing decision presents an opportunity to vote for more sustainable goods and services in the market. New World Development is delighted to join the Sustainable Procurement Charter as a founding member and identify ways to improve our relevant practices based on international standards and industry best practices. The Charter introduces a gradual approach with achievable actions to balance risk mitigation, business development, and supplier relationship management. We congratulate Green Council on continuing to promote sustainable procurement and elevate Hong Kong’s standard for responsible businesses.

1. Ms Winnie Au
Corporate Relationship Officer
The Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (Hong Kong) 

2. Dr. Lobo Fung
Hong Kong Institute of Certified Property Managers

3. Ms Ada YS Fung
Former Deputy Director of Housing (Development & Construction)

4. Ir Prof CF Lam
Executive Committee Member
Hong Kong Green Strategy Alliance

5. Mr. David HY Lee
The Institute of Purchasing & Supply of Hong Kong

6. Mr. Kenith Poon
Institute for Supply Management (Hong Kong)

7. Ir Kelvin SK Tang
Environmental Division
The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers

1.  What is Sustainable Procurement?

Sustainable procurement is procurement that has the most positive environmental, social and economic impacts possible across the entire life cycle and strives to minimize adverse impacts.
(ISO20400:2017 Sustainable procurement –Guidance)
2.  What are the benefits of implementing sustainable procurement?

a.)  Ensure best value for money in procurement
b.)  Save resources through practices of 5Rs
c.)  Reduce carbon footprints
d.)  Build a sustainable supply chain for the future
e.)  Protect corporate reputation by supply chain risk management
f.)  Meet reporting requirements of ESG, GRI, DJS

3.  My organization has different business units.  Can I start with a few business units?

Yes, member could determine the scope and region of application depending on the availability of resources.
4.  Is there any time constraint for Charter Member?

No, there is no time constraint in implementation of sustainable procurement but members shall set objective(s) and improve continually with reference to ISO20400.

5.  What value will my organization receive after joining the Charter?

By committing to long-term sustainable procurement, your organization can ensure a sustainable supply chain and become future-proofed through increased efficiency and effectiveness. Being members, you will also receive added value from:

a.)  training courses, workshops and seminars on sustainable procurement
b.)  guidance and monitoring on implementation progress
c.)  inclusion in a collaboration platform involving companies in the same or similar industry sectors enabling the identification and potential sharing of best practices and experiences in implementing sustainable procurement
d.)  participation in a “process benchmarking” survey that help focus company strategic and resource allocation considerations
e.)  a cost effective independent assessment and verification of company sustainable procurement milestones and achievements
f.)  recognition of achievements through media exposure and/or Charter website postings
g.)  use of logo for sustainable procurement charter 

6.  What is the cost of joining the Charter?

A.)  Large corporations: HK$8000 per year.
(2 representatives from each member will receive 1-day training on sustainable procurement.)

B.)  SMEs: HK$800 per year.
(SMEs are manufacturing companies with fewer than 100 employees and non-manufacturing companies with fewer than 50 employees.)
7.  Will Green Council be offering training to new ISO20400 standard?

Green Council will provide regular training courses on ISO20400.  Two employees of each member (Large Corporation) will also receive one-day training on this standard.
8.  Is there any assessment for being a member?

There is no assessment required for being a member at Established level.
However, any organization who applied for Mature or Leading Level is required to go through an on-site certification audit.  Auditing fee will incur.  Green Council, being an accredited certification body in Hong Kong, will issue a Certificate to the organization who has been accessed by independent auditor and met the requirements of Sustainable Procurement Charter.
9.  How could Green Council monitor the progress of member?

Each year, all members in Mature or Leading Level are required to establish their own improvement objective(s) in implementation of sustainable procurement.  Green Council will collect the implementation results of the objective(s) and help members to improve continually.
10.  My organization has implemented sustainable procurement policy governing all purchasing decisions. Should I still join the Charter?

Yes! It will likely be a simple process to integrate the ISO20400 principles into your current policy. By joining the Charter, you’ll be able to share the great work your organization is doing with a public audience.