Hong Kong International Coastal Cleanup

International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) is a global event initiated by Ocean Conservancy (OC) in 1986. Its aim is to engage citizens to remove trash and debris from beaches and waterways all around world, identify the sources of debris, and change the behavioral patterns that contribute to pollution (www.oceanconservancy.org).

The Green Council has been the official Hong Kong & Macau coordinator for the ICC since 2008. During the cleanup activities, data cards are completed by the volunteers, then we will comply and analyse the data from all the completed data cards. The final result will be published and used to educate the public, business, industry and government authorities about marine debris issue in Hong Kong. Through education and awareness of such issues will bring forth long term solutions and changes in behavior.

Importance of ICC
Marine debris is a serious and worsening problem in marine and coastal environments worldwide, and Hong Kong's waters and coasts have not escaped this problem. The United Nations Environment Program's State of the Marine Environment report suggests that the main ocean-based sources of marine litter found in East Asian waters are shipping, ferries and cruise liners, fishing vessels, aquaculture, mariculture, and offshore oil and gas platforms; while the main land-based sources are coastal municipal sewage, storm water, industrial facilities, solid waste from landfills, untreated waste water, and tourism (recreational visitors to the coast). All of these sources need to be addressed in a comprehensive strategy to reduce marine debris in Hong Kong's waters.

September 2018 to November 2018

Any shorelines in Hong Kong. Green Council also provides suggestion on potential cleanups beaches.

Every party (including local and international schools, CSR-concerned companies) or individual

1. Decide the Cleanup Venue, date, time and number of participants
2a For School and Charity Organisation, please complete the Registration Form with contact person signature and stamp
2b. For SME or Large Coporation, please complete the Registration Form with contact person signature and stamp
3. Send the completed registration form to Green Council by email (icc@greencouncil.org) THREE WEEKS before the proposed cleanup day
4. Green Council will send confirmation letter to pariticipants by EMAIL only when the beach is avaliable
5. Please complete the ICC Disclaimer Form and hand in to the person in charge during cleanup day


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