About Green Council

The Green Council (GC) is a non-profit, non-partisan environmental association and certification body of Hong Kong. A group of individuals from different sectors of industry and academics shared the vision to help build Hong Kong into a world-class green city for the future. They formed the GC in May 2000, with the aim of encouraging the industrial and commercial sectors to include environmental protection in their production and management processes. The GC was registered as a non-profit making organisation in December 2000.

With the motto of “Conservation begins with Education”, the GC is fully committed to provide continued education and trainings on sustainable procurement, environmental management, waste management, energy conservation, etc.

The main sources of funding for the GC are from membership fees, public donations and sponsorships by corporations and individuals who share our vision. Where appropriate, we apply for funding from government sources and other charitable organisations for specific projects.

Primary Objectives

(i) Raise public awareness for the need of a better environment
(ii) Encourage and improve environmental management and performance of local industries
(iii) Promote the image of Hong Kong as a city that gives high importance to environmental protection

These objectives will be achieved through the promotion of:

(i) education and training for environmental preservation
(ii) green consumerism
(iii) green management concepts and practices
(iv) easing environmental burden
(v) waste recycling and waste reduction
(vi) energy conservation
(vii) sustainable development

Key Initiatives

(i) Established the Hong Kong Green Label Scheme (HKGLS) as a standard for consumers to identify products and services that are more environmental-friendly
(ii) Established the Sustainable Procurement Charter to raise awareness and promote the use of green purchasing as a means to reduce and avoid adverse environmental impacts
(iii) Organize talks, seminars, forums and symposiums in collaboration with education institutions and experts in relevant fields sharing their valuable experience and knowledge
(iv) Organize and coordinate the Green Carnivals, Eco-model Tournaments, Hong Kong Green Day, International Coastal Cleanup Hong Kong and Green Run to promote environmental education